Twin flames crystal. It may be recommended to those suffering with lack of motivation. Also used in shamanic healing.


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Metaphysical uses :

  • recommended for those suffering from lack of motivation
  • Restores perspective 
  • Physic awareness 
  • Inspires creation
  • Clears thoughtforms 
  • Twin flames crystal
  • Inner visions 
  • Used in shamanic healing 
  • Balances yin and yang 
  • Solve family conflicts 
  • Self expression

Physical uses:

  • will exhibit a different color when viewed at different angles
  • Promotes detoxification
  •  Aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction.  
  • Aid in healing the eyes
  • Prevents insomnia 
  • recommended for those suffering from disorientation, chronic disorganization, and distraction.


Third eye chakra and crown chakra 

Vibration number 

How to Cleanse


  1. Use of mantra/ affirmation . eg Om Mani Padme Hum/ Om/ Aum/  (108 times x7)
  2. Crystal or Tibetan bowls, Tibetan/tingsha bells, drums, other percussion, sacred singing and incantations, healing music (including harmonious/ceremonial/classical music or the solfeggio frequencies), or you can run activated tuning forks over them. Make sure your crystals are in the sound pathway
  3. Bury your crystal in the earth and leave it there overnight
  4. Use sage / Palo Santo to cleanse your crystal 

How to energize 

  1. Put your  left hand on your heart and use your right hand to hold incense ( lavender /sandalwood/rose ) sage smudge sticks / santopalo sticks  and move in a clockwise direction for a few minutes . Make the intention that you want to use the crystal for . Repeat the intention 7 times  – do this under the full moon . If you wish to start a new project etc use the New moon energy 
  2. Place your crystal on a selenite / kyanite grid and request them to energize the crystal . You may place your intention on paper under the crystal for a few hours . ( preferably at night) 
  3. To check if your crystal has been energized – place it on your heart and check how you feel.
  4. Project pink or purple light from your heart to the crystal 
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